Totally excited – My new weight-loss program

I again apologize for not being able to post anything new recently, but I am truly busy… So, I really really want to lose weight and now I just made up a new program that is easy for me to follow and healthy. Although I didn’t consulate with a doctor, but I think there’s nothing that can harm you. Anyways, if you try it, I won’t be responsible if anything happens to you 😀 I mean the proportions may be enough for me, but may put you health in danger if you go on eating the amount I am. For some of you, this really won’t be enough. So if you feel that something is wrong when trying this out, stop it immediately.

I personally will just try it out in the following 100 days. I really think it will be a success because the main point it simple: Eat healthy and exercise. So, let’s see what I eat!


Now, the most important thing is: DO NOT SKIP MEALS NOR STARVE YOURSELF!!!! That will eventually lead to gaining more weight. The scientific reason for that is that your body switches into starving mode. That means your body will try to store every bit of energy and nutrients you’re consuming in order to prepare for the “real starving”.


It’s actually the most important meal. You have to tell you body that you are definitely not going to starve. I hate having to have the very same meal for a long time and that’s why I actually combined a few diets. The first one is the famous Banana diet, which is actually just eating 2 bananas in the morning instead of anything else you may think of. Actually it’s quite filling, but somehow not satisfying for me. I mean I don’t feel hungry afterwards, but I still want to eat. You also have to drink 2 cups of water.

The second choice is eating egg whites. I really like this because it’s really satisfying for me and thus eliminates my urge to snack just half an hour after breakfast. Just eat the whites of two hard-boiled eggs and that’s your breakfast. Of course, you can dip them into low-fat sauce or some seasoning. I actually recommend dipping them into a ton of seasoning. Research show that you will eat less and what you eat will be more satisfying if you add a ton of seasoning on. My favorite  is mixing a bit of salt with chili flakes. Another is a special condiment that was originally made for french fries but I really like it and actually eat it with everything.

The third choice is a great bowl of fruits.

My fourth choice is a really “Asian” choice. Take a 0.25l cup and fill it 2/3 with rice. Then the remaining third you fill it with all the stuff you want to eat with rice. I usually break that rule because I eat a lot more vegetables and it’s a lot more that the third of the cup. The amount of rice may sound like as if it was a really small proportion, but it’s not. Once you  get it into a bowl it looks normal. And don’t press the rice, I just mean as you normally put it in.


It’s important yet I leave it out. I recommend you not do so. (awww I’m still practicing this recommend stuff and it sounds sooooo weird to me I always said “I recommend you not to do so” But I just found out that it’s incorrect…) So, I recommend you eat fruits or vegetables. When I was small my mum always packed a box of fruits and it was just so convenient and healthy. I had it chopped and all neat and clean. Of course I got a fork and it was just sooo good to eat it. How unfortunate that I can’t do so now due to my braces.


Now, this is tricky because I usually get home by 3-4 o’clock and before that I have the choice of either eat McDonalds’/Burger King/KFC or wait one more hour to get home. Sometimes I pack lunch beforehand and eat it in the car. I rarely do that due to all the rush in the morning and I can even leave my mobile phone or a whole pack of books at home let alone my lunch. And again, I have multiple choices on what to eat.

The first choice is actually the same as the breakfast fourth choice. The cup method.

The second choice is when I really want to eat hot stuff that is not rice. Then ramyun is always a good choice for me. It contains a lot of fat and everything though. That is why I recommend you eat only half of the packet. Fill you bowl with a ton of seasoning, a ton on spring onion and I sometimes put some vegetables in. You will fill up your stomach with mainly broth and you eat less noodle, yet you will feel as if you eat the whole packet.

The third choice is when I’m really carving for noodles. I often do so and I don’t know why. Maybe rice is boring for me. At those times I do something really bizarre. I kinda mix the idea of noodles and pizza together. I mix noodle with some pizza sauce and mix it with corn and ham (low-fat of course) (I don’t put pineapple in because it doesn’t go well with noodles). Then I put some low-fat cheese of top and heat the whole thing up just until the cheese melts. I know it’s actually not the typical food you would put in the weight-loss program, but I like it and since most of the dish is corn I sometimes eat this. I really like to combine the idea of two completely different dish and see what comes out. This time it’s not so bad. In my opinion. But some find it bizarre, so all I can say it try it out yourself to decide.

Afternoon snack

Well, it doesn’t exist for me because I eat lunch at 3 or 4. But if you do, I would recommend the same as you have for your elevenses.


Although people recommend that you eat something light, I usually eat normally due to the Asian culture. I mean it’s the only meal when the whole family is together and everything so I eat a normal meal. Of course I follow the cup method. I don’t use the cup to measure because it would look weird, but I estimate the amount of rice I should eat. Of course I just eat a bit of meat – actually a ton if it’s fish. A ton of vegetables is key to everything. We usually eat at 7, so it’s no big deal to get hungry by the time we go to bed. Because I think the “Don’t eat after 6” is just about going hungry when you go to bed.

Other important things

This is something I have tried out but I can’t guarantee it works on everyone. I realized that if I eat something that can make me fat once a week in a small proportion, I will lose weight faster. So I usually eat some chocolate or something on Sunday, but I’m totally careful not to go overboard.

About snacking: HERE is part 1 and HERE is part 2 ( I will do it soon)

Remember to drink at least 2.5l a day and ONLY water is allowed. Just kidding, you can also have fruit juice. BUt only if you made it yourself, not the ones you buy in the supermarket. But water is still better because it’s zero kcal.

10 minutes before snacking have two large cups of water. Sometimes people think they are hungry but it’s actually slight thirst. After 10 minutes you can decide whether to eat or not. Most of the times I decide not to snack. ATTENTION! Do not drink before important meals though because it’s harmful. It can really affect your digestion because the water will dilute your (originally concentrated) gastric acid. I recommend you drink 30 minutes before the meal and an hour after the meal.


I usually do some kind of aerobics for half an hour a day. Here are some SNSD workout videos that I find interesting and I decided to do them on a daily basis. VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2 These exercises are really good but only if you need to tone your legs, it’s not that good to actually lose weight.

If I have time and I can get myself out of the house I usually ride the bike for 2 hours. People have the misconception of getting thick thighs once they jump on the bike. It’s actually not like that.

Anyway, there are tons of workout videos and stuff on the net, the only important thing is DO IT and enjoy 😀

Hope it all helped you guys and bye until my next post!


Guys that care about themselves and/or follow fashion are NOT gay!

Okay, some of you might say I’m crazy. Some of you might say it’s due to all the korean dramas and MVs I have watched and will watch. Anyway, people have this TERRIBLE MISUNDERSTANDING that all guys that care about themselves and/or follow fashion are gay. Let me tell you: THEY ARE NOT! Why? I’ll explain this in the next few paragraphs.

First of all, the word ‘gay’ refers to a homosexual man. I bet you can’t state someone is gay just because they dress well, they follow fashion etc. There’s no direct link between the two. Homosexual men TEND to be less masculine, but it’s not true for every single one of them. However, you can’t state that the other way around. You can’t say men that are not so called ‘masculine’ are gay. It’s like every insect is an arthropod, but not every arthropod is an insect. Okay, that way a kinda bad example because as I said, not all homosexual men are less masculine than others. You just can’t generalize like that. And generalizing makes me go nuts!

Okay, now I know you may again say I’m crazy, but I think the best examples are korean male celebrities. Most of them (I say most of them because I again don’t want to generalize) are definitely NOT homosexual. And I mean it. So what if they use make-up? So what if they follow fashion? So what if they have earrings? Does it change their sexual orientation? It does not. So you can’t actually say they are gay. Because they are not.

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So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t say guys that follow fashion and/or take care of themselves, care how they look ‘gay’. I’m totally fed up with people going around and saying ‘gay’ every time I mention korean male celebrity.  Really. If I was an aggressive type, I’m sure I would have punched one of my friends in the face. At least once. (Actually I know some one them may be reading this, but I don’t really care.) I mean this is ridiculous! How can people just generalize something that is actually not true?

Okay, hope you get my point and I really hope you could stop (if you even did) call them ‘gay’. Because they are NOT!

Braces – The day after tightening

Strange… everybody was telling me tightening was like going though hell. I feel nothing. Literally, I eat everything, it doesn’t even hurt so it’s strange. I mean it doesn’t hurt at all, I don’t even feel the difference between the time it wasn’t tightened and now. So basically this is a mini-post just to tell you nothing really happened…

Best snacks when on a weight-loss program

Okay, I decided to lose like 10kg but it’s totally hard… I feel like I’m just too lazy, but now I really have to force myself because I’m going to Vietnam next summer and I just HAVE to look my best. Why? Because I see my extended family every 4 or 5 years. Okay, so I just LOVE snacks… so these are the things I love to snack on

  1. cherry tomatoes: They are really satisfying because they are easy to prepare and they are sweet. I think it’s a bit expensive in the supermarket, but we grow it ourselves so there’s a ton and well, they are easy to prepare! Just wash it nicely and they are ready to eat!
  2. carrots: I just love carrots. They are totally yummy in my opinion. Especially if you eat it with a bit of salt and chili powder. I usually just cut them into smaller pieces since I can’t bite them due to my braces, but the shape really isn’t important.
  3. apple: We have two apple trees so again, I don’t have the problem of buying it. I just love apples. And it’s great for snacking!
  4. low-fat cheese: Actually, I don’t eat this, but it’s great for your weight-loss program.

Hope it helped!

Braces – My first tightening

I just got my braces tightened today. It was planned to be at the end of the month, but since I had to go there due to a minor problem with the braces, the doc tightened it so that I won’t have to return 2 weeks later. It doesn’t hurt at all. Really. Trust me! I mean It’s already been 6 hours and there’s no pain at all. I can eat almost anything. The only things I can’t eat are really hard food that I have to bite. But if I tear or chop it into smaller pieces that I can fit into my mouth, it’s no problem. I wonder what it will be like tomorrow…

I actually thought it would be a lot worse. I thought it would be just like when they just put it up. But no. It’s so wonderful… I don’t have to eat food made into purée… Great!

Bye until my next post (I promise to do some more this weekend!)

5 ways to use lemon

I know, it’s been quite a while. I’m really sorry, but I was extremely busy… And to tell the truth, I totally lost enthusiasm due to the low site stats and the 100 spam comments I get a day.

  1. In order to keep the meat fresh for a long time, just wipe it with a cloth you dipped in lemon juice.
  2. Put a few drops of lemon juice in the rice water and the rice will be super white.
  3. If you have a yellowish tone on your hand either due to smoking or cutting certain vegetables, use a piece of leon and rub it in. It will lighten the yellowness.
  4. Dab a piece of rag in some lemon juice and wipe the mirrors once a week. It will make the mirror really shiny.
  5. Shining china is really easy. First wipe the dust off. Then use a bit of lemon juice and wipe it again. Let it dry. Then wipe again with lukewarm water. Let it dry!

Technical questions you have asked and the answer

Now, you guys have asked me to check if everything loads properly on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and so on. I tried it with every single browser I had on my computer (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) and they all work well. So I don’t really know why it doesn’t work for you guys… Actually, even if I knew why, I wouldn’t be able to fix it since everything is from wordpress excluding the content, but that can’t be the problem… so sorry, I can’t solve those technical problems…